Product Description:

Multilayer C is the balance of cost performance for even Structure. Powerful base-strength. 

Easy to control and to make arc trajectory, stable and offensive burst topspin.

The even structure with a CORE layer in the middle brings the Multilayer C a unique character: Powerful as the even structure should be, and also stiff enough as the traditional structure with a core.

This particular blade, is absolutely designed for a professional player. If you feel need a better blade to win in the tournaments, this it is! Get one and start your training!

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Product pictures:

Multilayer C FL handle front picture
Multilayer C FL handle back picture
Multilayer C FL handle detail
Multilayer C FL handle bottom detail

Technical Specification: 

Material/Structure 9ply+8soft carbon
Reaction 13
Vibration 10.5
First speed 8.5
Second speed 9
Player type Loop, Quick attack
Impact Hard
Playing Style OFF+
Handle Type FL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size 259 x 150
CS Size 240 x 150